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These are mostly technical documents I wrote that are in the public domain or that I have the copyright to. They primarily consist of RFP Responses and architecture specs, although an academic paper is also included that I once considered trying to publish (on being advised by the professor).

State of Colorado Electronic Publication System Proposal

This is a proposal in response to an RFP by the Department of State, State of Colorado for developing an electronic publication system for all agency rule books in the state. A multi-tiered, web-based J2EE solution is outlined. Feel free to skip the executive summary and company background sections. Although these parts are important, I was primarily involved in outlining the technical solution and producing the Gantt chart.

GMAC Mortgage Online Policy and Procedure Manual Proposal

This proposal was for developing an online version of the GMAC Mortgage policy and procedure manual. It incorporates document management, online publishing, version control, archiving as well as search and retrieval. Although it is less formal than the State of Colorado proposal, fortunately, it was also a part of an open bidding process.

TII Tutor Requirements Specification

This is my first commercial grade requirements specification. It was created as a part of my senior year team project for a Texas Instruments software package. Details about this project, including source code and screenshots are posted here.

Paper on Artificial Intelligence

This is a paper that I wrote for my Contemporary Moral Issues class. Although not directly technical in nature, this is a good writing sample that also shows some logical reasoning/problem analysis abilities.

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