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Java Servlet Hosting


Links - Home page for the book I co-authored. - Premier publisher of EJB3 In Action.

JavaRanch - I am active on the EJB and EJB certification forums of JavaRanch.

EJB 3 in Action Author Online Forum - I am active on the Manning forum.

TheServerSide - I try to write for TSS and participate on the forums the best I can. - The home of my adopted development platform.

.NET - Ye olde Microsoft with Ye olde C#.

GlassFish - Home of the upstart popular open source Java EE application server.

JBoss - Home of JBoss AS, Hibernate and Seam.

Gettysburg College - My alma matter. - Three cheers to my excellent and affordable JSP web host.

MyCGIServer - Free host with an eye-popping array of features including a J2EE container.

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